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MASERATI GHIBLI: A GATEWAY TO ITALIAN LUXURY The Maserati Ghibli is a luxury car that is a more compact, affordable expression of the Italian automaker’s unique approach to design. Relative to the Quattroporte the Ghibli is about a foot shorter, but both luxury cars share many of the same high end components. As expected of the Maseraiti brand, the cabin of the Ghibli offers plenty of stylish amenities like leather and wood trim, plush seats, and user-friendly controls. The Ghibli name has been assigned to three different Maseratis over the years. The first of its kind was a V8 grand tourer that was manufactured from 1966 to 1973. Automotive journalists showered this model with praise and it was deemed one of the top 10 sports cars of the 1960s. The legendary Ghibli SS variant was a direct product of this generation and at the time it was the quickest Maserati road car ever produced. Its second incarnation, on the market from 1992-1997, was a V6 twin-turbo coupé that received equally as many accolades. During these years a limited-production variant of this model was hailed for having the highest per-litre power output of any street-legal sports car on the market. In 2013 the current Ghibli was launched, offering a choice of three robust engines and is the first Maserati available with a diesel powertrain. While there is a generous selection of equipment offered on this latest version of the Ghibli it does lack a couple of features available in rival models like adaptive cruise control. A superb example of Italian design, the Ghibli, is a work of art on wheels. With an elegant exterior and exquisitely crafted interior you get the finest performance and fierce performance. Treat yourself to the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Maserati Ghibli with a Citycar luxury car hire.

Car Equipment

  • +ABS
  • +Air conditioning
  • +Alloy wheels
  • +Cruise control
  • +ESP
  • +Leather interior
  • +Parking sensors
  • +Xenon